The refreshing and blooming spring of Yamazaki

Yamazaki Distillery, among beautiful flowers and murmuring water

In spring, bright sunlight and balmy breeze surrounds Yamazaki Distillery for a few brief months. Cherry trees at the entrance and along the warehouse are in full bloom from early April, welcoming guests with delightful scenery. As the cherry blossom season passes, violets start to bloom and add charming colors to the passage from the gate to the facilities.

Spring in Yamazaki is not only about flowers and breathtaking views. The famous pristine waters murmuring of ancient eras, the whispering sound of the breeze in the bamboo forest, and songs of birds that announce the delights of the season that has arrived. Each sound contributes to the incomparable spring experience here.

Tasting Yamazaki Whisky in the distillery in spring enhances the joys of experiencing its nature.

The cherry blossoms at Shiio Shrine near Yamazaki Distillery are stunningly beautiful every spring and always attract visitors of Yamazaki. Shinjiro Torii, the founder of Suntory, particularly loved the view of petals of cherry flowers fluttering from these trees towards the gate of the shrine.

This shrine has indeed shared a long bond with Yamazaki Distillery. The origin of the shrine goes back to the 8th century A.D., and was at the peak of its fame in the 12th century A.D.; being a place of frequent attendance by the emperors. But, such fame faded over the centuries that followed.

It was in a very troubled state when Shinjiro Torii founded Yamazaki as his ideal place for whisky making. Shinjiro worked with villagers of Yamazaki to re-establish the shrine. This is said to be why Kotobukiya (now, Suntory) became the host of the fall festival of Shiio Shrine, and why the festival is held on the 11th of November; the same date as the establishment of Yamazaki Distillery.

The Shiio Shrine has witnessed the history of Yamazaki Distillery. Here, and the barrels of Yamazaki have been kept there as a gift. Please enjoy the walk to the shrine when you come to Yamazaki Distillery.

Blessed with nature, Yamazaki matures

Whiskies made in Yamazaki Distillery have become multi-layered; delicate yet profound, in such distinctive seasons around Yamazaki. The whiskies that will become Suntory Single Malt Whisky Yamazaki breathe and age through the passing of Japan’s four seasons.

The environment around the distillery significantly influences the taste during this maturation. Enjoy the floral and fruity tastes that are blessed with nature the next time you enjoy Yamazaki whisky.

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