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Serving Japanese whisky in a glass
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Kaku Highball

Also called the “Kaku High”, the Kaku Highball may be Japan’s most beloved cocktail. This chilled highball beautifully brings out the inherent flavor and fullness of the whisky. Enjoy a refreshing Kaku Highball at meal-time or any time, and make sure to properly chill the glass, whisky, and soda first.

Kakubin Highball
Whisky Cocktails

Toki Old Fashioned

Refreshingly bittersweet

Suntory Whisky Toki Japanese Old Fashioned with orange twist
Whisky Cocktails

Toki Julep

Lively and herbal

Toki Whisky Mint Julep cocktail with grapefruit garnish
Whisky Cocktails

Toki Sour

Tart and floral

Suntory Toki Whisky Sour cocktail with egg white foam and mint garnish
Gin Cocktails

Roku Momiji Fizz

Refreshing citrus and spice

Roku Gin Fizz cocktail with sliced plum garnish
Gin Cocktails

Roku Orchard Martinez

Citrus and warm spice

Roku Orchard cocktail with rosemary garnish
Gin Cocktails

Roku Gin & Tonic with Ginger

Crisp and spicy

Glass with Roku Gin Tonic and ice cubes along with five orange citrus peels
Gin Cocktails

Roku Negroni

Refreshingly bittersweet

Roku Negroni cocktail on ice with large orange twist
Vodka Cocktails

Haku Martini

Crisp, clean tasting and dry

Haku Vodka Martini served up with a lemon twist
Vodka Cocktails

Haku Yuzu Martini

Crisp and fruity

Coup glass filled with Haku Yuzu Martini cocktail
Vodka Cocktails

Haku Matcha Martini

Tart and floral

Coup glass with green tea Haku Vodka Matcha Martini
Vodka Cocktails

Haku Lychee Martini

Lively and bittersweet

Haku Vodka Lychee Martini in coup glass with green leaf garnish
Vodka Cocktails

Haku Espresso Martini

Bittersweet and nutty

Haku Espresso Vodka Martini cocktail with orange twist

Toki Highball

A chilled highball beautifully brings out the inherent flavor and fullness of whisky. It also sets off the taste of various foods. Be sure to properly chill the glass, whisky, and soda first. For extra fragrance add lemon peel, which makes the flavor even more refreshing.

A glass of Whisky Highball with ice


Drinking whisky neat lets you savor it at leisure, relishing the aroma like a true connoisseur as you sip it. You'll love the subtle flavor and pleasurable aftertaste.

A glass of whisky neat

On the Rocks

Simply add ice to whisky in your own dynamic style. The musical clink of the ice striking the glass with every sip is truly a delight.

On the rocks cocktail in a modern glass

Half Rocks

Half rock is a type of whisky on the rocks made with one part whisky and one part water. This stylish drink gently brings out the whisky's aroma and flavor.

A Half Rock in a whisky glass

Whisky and Water

The perfect companion when you're unwinding. Once you get the hang of it you'll make a delicious whisky and water every time. Leisurely enjoy in your favorite glass.

A glass of Whisky and Water with large ice cube

Hot Whisky

An exquisite treat with a delicious aroma wafting from the warm glass. It can be enjoyed in many different ways, going nicely with a great variety of toppings like citrus.

Small clear glass filled with Japanese Hot Whisky
Gin Cocktails

Roku Sakura Soda

A delicate and fresh floral cocktail, this Roku Gin and soda recipe is floral-forward as it highlights Japanese cherry blossoms. The botanical blend of Suntory Roku Gin combines with Sakura to produce a bright gin and soda cocktail recipe that’s both soft and uplifting. Enjoy it any time to evoke the fresh feeling of spring.


Gin Cocktails

Roku Sakura Aperitif

A floral take on a classic gin spritz, our Roku Sakura Gin Aperitif recipe features the delicate aroma of Japanese cherry blossom. This Roku gin recipe combines to make a softly bittersweet and floral-forward aperitif cocktail. It’s the ideal start to a meal or a fresh gin drink to enjoy any time the sun is shining!

Gin Cocktails

Roku Sakura Gin & Tonic

The perfect springtime cocktail, this Roku Gin and Tonic recipe embodies Sakura (Japanese cherry blossom). As a delicate Roku Gin drink, this Sakura-themed recipe brings forward the soft flavors of spring and blooms with fresh, invigorating tastes. Enjoy with a variety of gin garnishes for an authentically Japanese floral experience.


Gin Cocktails

Roku Hanami Fizz

A twist on a classic gin and fizz cocktail recipe, Roku Hanami Fizz puts the complex beauty of Japan on full display. This sparkling cocktail combines Roku Gin and the Japanese idea of Hanami, which is the practice of observing and appreciating the lifespan of flowers. Enjoy this floral-forward and refreshing drink in an outdoor setting as you take in the cycles of nature.



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