Vodka cocktails

Elevate your vodka cocktails with premium Japanese vodka and these recipes to meet every moment.

Serving Japanese whisky in a glass
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Vodka Cocktails

Haku Martini

Crisp, clean tasting and dry

Haku Vodka Martini served up with a lemon twist
Vodka Cocktails

Haku Yuzu Martini

Crisp and fruity

Coup glass filled with Haku Yuzu Martini cocktail
Vodka Cocktails

Haku Matcha Martini

Tart and floral

Coup glass with green tea Haku Vodka Matcha Martini
Vodka Cocktails

Haku Lychee Martini

Lively and bittersweet

Haku Vodka Lychee Martini in coup glass with green leaf garnish
Vodka Cocktails

Haku Espresso Martini

Bittersweet and nutty

Haku Espresso Vodka Martini cocktail with orange twist

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