Craft and Philosophy

Suntory spirits embody the harmony that exists between Japanese nature and Japanese people. This unique fusion establishes our craft as an art form.

Spring water flowing into a stream in Japan

A Delicate Balance

The delicate forces of Japanese nature meet the passion and precision of the best Japanese artisans.

From the magnificence of nature in the Land of the Rising Sun and the subtleties of its varied seasons, from the deep source of its beautiful waters, from the hands and hearts of its best artisans comes a whisky born from the Japanese way, speaking to the soul and providing Japanese spirits craftsmanship, taking us back to where it all began. Suntory Whisky embodies the harmony that exists between Japanese nature and Japanese people.

Harmony with Nature

Nature's abundance, transience and diversity are sources of inspiration for the Japanese.
Bamboo tree in the evening sun

The Japanese feel at one with nature; their ultimate inspiration and guiding force. They have a special reverence for nature, and believe that nameless spirits referred to as "eight million gods" reside within every pebble, raindrop and seed. Japanese nature is blessed with many expressions – deep forests, lush greenery, steep mountains, and beautiful waters. Each is further heightened by the richness of the seasons. In every Suntory Whisky lives a unique Japanese sensibility and respect for nature.

The Art of Blending

For nearly a century, Suntory has been pioneering the art of blending whisky based on the spirit of heritage and innovation passed down from generation to generation.This comes to life through our unrivaled artisanship, and diversity in the making and art of blending, built over three generations as the founding House of Japanese Whisky.

Suntory Whisky Craft

The artisanship of our whisky making is rooted in five key concepts: the pristine water soul place, the four seasons of Japan, our cask aging, a diverse array of products, and our remarkable team of master blenders. We invite you to discover more about each of these important elements of our craft.

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Roku Craft

Roku is produced in the “Liquor Atelier”, the specialized craft distillery featuring four distinct types of pot stills and, in a process unique to Roku, the botanicals are distilled separately according to each of individual characteristics.

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Haku Craft

Our artisans are committed to selecting the best ingredients and using complex and innovative techniques to create spirits of unrivaled quality and unique Japanese character.

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More to Explore

About House of Suntory

Founded in 1899, Shinjiro Torii built the House of Suntory with a singular vision: to craft quintessentially Japanese spirits that would suit the delicate palate of his people.

Statue of the founder of the House of Suntory, who shaped Japanese craftsmanship

Our Distilleries

Our distilleries are among the most unique in the world, with true artisanship and precise methods cultivated over generations.

View down the hall of the House of Suntory distillery with walls lined with barrels

Our Products

Our quintessentially Japanese spirits are crafter with a relentless pursuit of perfection, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to quality.

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