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A century ago, the House of Suntory was founded with a singular vision: to craft quintessentially Japanese spirits that would suit the discerning palate of the Japanese people.

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Suntory Gin Roku with green and pink cocktails
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Suntory Spirits

Our whiskies are filled with the essence of Japanese nature and hand-crafted by artisans through a precise, century-old process that enhances every spirit.

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Roku Gin is a perfectly-balanced, exceptional gin combining six distinctive Japanese botanicals with eight traditional botanicals. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it offers the best of every season.

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Made with 100% Japanese white rice, the name Haku means “white” in Japanese, but can also be read as “brilliant” – a tribute to the craft of mastering a clear, clean tasting, and luminous vodka. Haku has an unparalleled soft, round, and subtly sweet taste.

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What is Japanese Whisky? New Labeling Standards Offer Clarity

Since establishing Japan’s first malt whisky distillery in 1923, the House of Suntory has produced whisky in Japan using Japanese ingredients. Recent rapid growth in Japanese whisky led to whiskies for sale being labeled as ‘Japanese’ despite not being produced in Japan, causing some confusion among whisky lovers. A new definition of Japanese whisky from an industry body finally brings clarity to the label. Find out what it means for you.

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The first release in the Roku Gin Festival Collection celebrates the fleeting Sakura flower season and the ethos of enjoying nature at its peak.

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Suntory spirits embody the harmony that exists between Japanese nature and Japanese people. This unique fusion establishes our craft as an art form.

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Serving Japanese whisky

Suntory Whisky brings people together through the passion and precision of our artisans and the forces of Japanese nature itself. The many ways to serve it express its rich heritage and depth of flavor.

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Recipes to meet every moment.

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How to Enjoy Japanese Whisky

Suntory Whisky embodies the balance between Japan’s nature and its people. The many ways to serve it expresses its rich heritage and depth of flavor.


Our Distilleries

Our distilleries are among the most unique in the world, embodying true artisanship and precise methods cultivated over generations.

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Suntory Whisky's Yamazaki Distillery in Japan