Coup glass filled with Haku Yuzu Martini cocktail

Haku Yuzu Martini

Crisp and fruity

ingredients and how to craft

What you need



Coup glass filled with Haku Yuzu Martini cocktail
Step 1

Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker

Step 2

Shake, then strain into a chilled coupe glass

Complete your cocktail with


Haku Japanese Craft Vodka

Haku Craft Vodka in cylindrical bottle

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Haku Martini
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Haku Martini

Crisp, clean tasting and dry

Haku Vodka Martini served up with a lemon twist
Haku Matcha Martini
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Haku Matcha Martini

Tart and floral

Coup glass with green tea Haku Vodka Matcha Martini
Haku Lychee Martini
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Haku Lychee Martini

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Haku Vodka Lychee Martini in coup glass with green leaf garnish

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