Amber bottle of Ao Whisky with royal blue label

Ao Blended World Whisky

Discover the first Suntory World Whisky - a blend of the five major whisky-making regions.

Tasting notes

Japanese whisky vanilla flower



Two half moon shaped wedges of fresh yellow pineapple


Profound, vanilla and pineapple-like fruitiness on top, a creamy sweetness and depth with a lingering woody aroma.

Six cinnamon sticks


Smooth and sweet mouthfeel, gradually followed with smokiness and cinnamon-like spiciness.

a small pile of oak wooden chips


Multi-layered complexity, sweet and smoky, spicy and woody.

Serving Japanese Whisky

Suntory whisky embodies the balance between Japan’s nature and its people. The many ways to serve it expresses its rich heritage and depth of flavor.

Whisky pours into 4 different glasses

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