Small clear glass filled with Japanese Hot Whisky

Hot Whisky

An exquisite treat with a delicious aroma wafting from the warm glass. It can be enjoyed in many different ways, going nicely with a great variety of toppings like citrus.

ingredients and how to craft

What you need

How to Serve

Hot whisky goes well with many different toppings, including lemon and other citrus fruit. Or why not devise your own? Cinnamon sticks, perhaps, herbs like clove or basil, even jam or dried apples. The water should optimally be at a temperature of 80 °C.

Be sure to warm the glass with hot water before pouring in the whisky. This drink can also be enjoyed outdoors in a small Sierra cup when you're in the mountains or at the riverside.

Small clear glass filled with Japanese Hot Whisky
Step 1

Warm a heat-resistant glass by filling it with hot water

Step 2

Add one part whisky

Step 3

Add three parts hot water

Step 4

Stir gently with a bar spoon

Step 5


Complete your cocktail with


Chita Single Grain Whisky

Bottle of suntory whisky the chita

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Toki Highball

Toki Highball

A chilled highball beautifully brings out the inherent flavor and fullness of whisky. It also sets off the taste of various foods. Be sure to properly chill the glass, whisky, and soda first. For extra fragrance add lemon peel, which makes the flavor even more refreshing.

A glass of Whisky Highball with ice


Drinking whisky neat lets you savor it at leisure, relishing the aroma like a true connoisseur as you sip it. You'll love the subtle flavor and pleasurable aftertaste.

A glass of whisky neat
On the Rocks

On the Rocks

Simply add ice to whisky in your own dynamic style. The musical clink of the ice striking the glass with every sip is truly a delight.

On the rocks cocktail in a modern glass

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Craft and Philosophy

Suntory spirits embody the harmony that exists between Japanese nature and Japanese people. This unique fusion establishes our craft as an art form.