Come Alive with the Seasons

Six unique Japanese botanicals celebrate the peak moments of every season.

Drawing inspiration from spring’s abundance, the Roku Gin Sakura Bloom Edition is made using freshly picked Sakura, or Japanese cherry blossom. This special edition honors the Hanami festival, when Japanese people gather each spring to enjoy Sakura in bloom.


Celebrate the best of every season

With the changing of the seasons comes new flavors treasured for their ephemerality. In Japan, these fleeting moments are celebrated at seasonal festivals throughout the year. Each festival is intimately connected to the Japanese concept of “Shun” – the idea of enjoying seasonal flavors and moments at their peak. 

The Roku Gin Seasonal Festival Collection takes inspiration from seasonal Japanese festivals. Crafted using a characteristic seasonal botanical paired elegantly with Roku’s six unique Japanese botanicals, the collection embodies the concept of “Shun”. The first release is the Roku Gin Sakura Bloom Edition – a celebration of the Sakura blossom season, which arrives with intense beauty each spring, only to quickly fade until spring’s arrival the following year.

A Taste of Sakura in Bloom

The Roku Gin Sakura Bloom Edition honors the Sakura flower, whose delicate nature and fleeting blossoms captivate Japan each spring. Crafted using freshly picked Sakura blossom at peak freshness, the Sakura Bloom Edition is inspired by Hanami – the spring festival where Japanese people gather in parks to enjoy the vibrant, yet brief, Sakura blossom season. The use of Sakura imparts an elegant floral taste with hints of saltiness, while the limited edition packaging design brings the spirit of the festival to life in elegant style.

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Taste the freshness and brightness of springtime


Design that springs to life

Roku’s iconic six-sided bottle design and embossed botanicals of the Roku Gin Sakura Bloom Edition represent each of the six unique botanicals which Japanese artisans use to craft Roku Gin. The Sakura Bloom Edition comes in a label designed by washi paper artist Eriko Horiki to simulate falling Sakura Blossom. Designed by an esteemed Japanese artist, the elegant outer packaging brings a classic Hanami scene to life.


Crafted for perfect balance

Roku Gin is precisely balanced by trained Japanese artisans who combine traditional and modern techniques with exceptionally fresh botanicals.

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