Bottle of Toki Whisky


Toki brings together old and new – the House of Suntory's proud heritage and its innovative spirit – to create blended Japanese whisky that is both groundbreaking and timeless.


Product Tasting Notes

Japanese Whisky honey


Clear gold

One and a half green apple


Basil, green apple, honey


Japanese whisky vanilla flower


Grapefruit, green grapes, peppermint, thyme


Japanese whisky ginger


Subtly sweet and spicy finish with a hint of vanilla oak, white pepper and ginger


How to Enjoy Toki

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Toki Highball

A chilled highball beautifully brings out the inherent flavor and fullness of whisky. It also sets off the taste of various foods. Be sure to properly chill the glass, whisky, and soda first. For extra fragrance add lemon peel, which makes the flavor even more refreshing.

  • Easy
  • 1-3 minutes
  • Intense
A glass of Whisky Highball with ice
Whisky Cocktails

Toki Old Fashioned

Refreshingly bittersweet

  • Easy
  • 1-3 minutes
  • Intense
Suntory Whisky Toki Japanese Old Fashioned with orange twist
Whisky Cocktails

Toki Sour

Tart and floral

  • Intermediate
  • 3-5 minutes
  • Intense
Suntory Toki Whisky Sour cocktail with egg white foam and mint garnish

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